CA Gov Newsom calls for voluntary 15% reduction in water usage

X-Ref to article on July 8, 2021

Call is to consciously reduce water usage thru summer and possibly into the fall of 2021.  Bottom-line, we are back to drought conditions and reservoirs are running low.

Also, the excessive heat conditions recently in Pacific Northwest are now having an impact further south – California.

Closer to home – “…Lopez Lake, a reservoir in San Luis Obispo County formed by a dam on the Arroyo Grande Creek that is at 34% capacity.”

“California’s Mediterranean climate means it doesn’t get significant rain or snow until the winter. The state relies on snowmelt in the mountains to fill its reservoirs in the spring, which then provide water for farms, homes and fish throughout the year.”  I remember when living in Ojai (2007-2015), that our weather was a factor of colder temps and snow in the Sierra Nevada’s.  If that somehow doesn’t happen (snow, etc) then we end up with a shift in weather patterns towards California.  This is something to further investigate.

“The Democratic governor is asking for voluntary conservation efforts, such as taking shorter showers, running dishwashers only when they are full and reducing the frequency of watering lawns.”  I’ve always done the “Navy shower” method where you turn the water off during soaping up — I’ll continue that.  Probably also see if I can shower every other day if possible.

Of course, there will be groups that say we redirected water prematurely.  The only issue is — what do we do now?

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