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Understanding Delta Variant components

Personal background: By February 2021 I have been double-vaccinated with Moderna mRNA to counter/protect from SARS-CoV-2 (aka Coronavirus aka COVID-19). NOTE: Paul’s PSA is this: Get double-vaccinated (preferably Moderna or Pfizer) as soon as possible. 20210715 – Now the question … Continue reading

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For scheduling, program for Plus One

Disclaimers: The suggestion within this post may be primarily applicable to mass vaccination logistics, with initial swarm response.  Objective is not to find fault or lack.  Observations and thought process are the key discussion points. Observation of County Public Health … Continue reading

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COVID Information Videos – various

Here’s the first on when you are protected vs. vaccination.  I also attached the slides I used, in case that’s easier.  I have other videos planed on safety/efficacy, how they work, why you should consider vaccination, and perhaps a few … Continue reading

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Mask wearing – Covid-19

It’s a pretty simple concept.  Covid-19 is transmitted via respiration – breathing out/in… That means that in order to minimize transmission one has to wear a mask. Even though we now have vaccines – I’ve been double-vaccinated as of end … Continue reading

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What mRNA means for Covid-19 vaccines

Note: XREF to this site: Q: What is mRNA in a nutshell? A: Messenger RNA vaccines—also called mRNA vaccines—are some of the first COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the United States. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give instructions for cells to … Continue reading

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Mental Health effects of Covid-19

Note: Info taken from: Additional Note: This article discusses the “Second Pandemic” of Mental Health, with some additional information/insight. COVID-19, for a variety of intersections with people, can cause an outcome of mental illness: Anxiety; PTSD; Depression; Insomnia; Dementia; … Continue reading

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Social Work job for PSHHC (Senior Properties)

Great opportunity in my part-time role as Social Worker for Peoples’ Self-Help Housing in Morro Bay, CA.  Three different properties (which are basically across two locations. Aside from wellness and advocacy engagements, it’s now all about getting people (if they … Continue reading

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COVID-19 – Info on vaccinations

As of 20210212, there are two approved vaccines – Moderna and Pfizer. To be most effective, both requires two doses.  Second dose of Moderna, after 28 days.  Second dose of Pfizer, after 21 days. Vaccinations are most resilient 14 days … Continue reading

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