Update on path towards LCSW

As of 20230521:

NOTE: This is turning out to be a list of areas of focus for completion of LCSW (projected middle of 2024):

-MSW Degree completed May, 2019 from University of Southern California (USC)

-Have an ASW Certificate Number

-Passed Law and Ethics Exam – yeah!

-Completed 1 year of full-time Clinical Social Work employment, with supervision

-Completed coursework in Clinical Hypnotherapy with additional training to go

-Integration of Clinical Hypnotherapy into my Social Work practice

-Need additional year of full-time clinical supervision before AWSB exam

-Fully capitalize on clinical supervision hours and oversight

-Integration of clinical focus (EBPs) over operational foundation

-Integration of GTD into clinical practice

-Integration of communication methodologies (eg Dan Roam)

-Integration of Self Care Practices

-Integration of Dan Roam “Back of the Napkin” communication methods

-Integration of my custom best practices within my clinical intervention

-Need to resolve logging method for BBS Hours

-Need to work thru FAQs of licensing from BBS site

-Need to confirm pre-requisite coursework for BBS (maybe waived per USC graduate)

-Need to fully understand CEUs and requirements

-Pursue additional training (coursework) – Lean

-Maintaining focus on establishing a specialization niche within the industry

-Network with my Alma Mater for various reasons (including research)

-Movement towards (values and principles of) and being a Professional Social Worker (Code of Ethics, etc)

-Financial focus for self within the profession

-Financial focus for clients to move out of poverty

-Need to study for AWSB exam – will use TDC (Therapist Development Center) and begin 4 months before projected exam date


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