Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is essential Health Insurance for millions of low-income and indigent people.

The current Trump Administration is attempting to do the following to invalidate the current ACA:

  • Ordering the DOJ (Dept of Justice) to file with the Fifth Circuit Court Federal Appeals Court, trying to affirm that the Dec 2018 ruling by a Texas federal judge in Texas vs. United States which invalidates the remaining portions of the ACA.
  • Potentially will try and pursue this to the Supreme Court

Other attempts to undermine ACA are:

  • US Dept of Health and Human Services (HHS) approving eight (8) states to impose work requirements in order to qualify for Medicaid.  Seven more states are pending.
  • HHS considering allocating Medicaid payments to states in form of block grants or per capita Medicaid funding formulas.

Blog posts going into the above in more depth, and for tracking:

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Source info for this page was: NASW monitor ACA sabotage attempts