Macro Social Work, for me, is an intersection of several sets of experiences:

  • IT Systems Support – 360 degree view (systems, people, groups)
  • GTD Productivity – workflow, variance, process improvement
  • Master of Social Work Degree coursework – Person-In-Environment
  • Attendance at monthly Adult Services Policy Council (ASPC) meetings – connections

My unofficial consulting contributions to SLO County for improvements to registration and scheduling of COVID-19 vaccinations:

  • Initial idea for enabling group registrations
    • Theory being that I would be contacting several people and would have groups of people going for appointments at the same time.  For the most part, that didn’t really happen, but the idea was there.
  • Lottery phrasing removed
    • During the shift from registrants picking their day and time towards registrants selecting preferred days and morning/afternoon, the word “lottery” was used
      • My concern was that “lottery” implies that few people one and most people don’t
      • The County removed that word – and headed more to ScheduleMatcher
  • Registering the “plus one”
    • When it was age 75+, the awareness (PiE) was that people who were 65+ were taking people 75+ for their appointments.  The idea was to facilitate that the “plus one” would also get vaccinated during same appointment time.  This idea was originated in the earlier “group appointment” idea.
    • When the County shifted it around to registrants picking preferred day and morning/afternoon, the idea escalated for the “plus one”.
    • The County easily modified the form to give the registrant the option to specifically register one person, and then add the “plus one”.  Worked out really well.
    • Now that the County has opened up to even more people, it’s really important to have the “plus one” concept in place.
  • Picking the location
    • In San Luis Obispo, the options are: Cuesta College (SLO), Arroyo Grande (AG) or Paso Robles.
    • In general, if you live in central county, you would prefer either Cuesta or AG, and not Paso Robles.
    • But…  If you go to the County website, you can only pick one OR all.  Ideally, you can do a multiple-pick and choose the one or two that you actually want.
    • Note: This is a case where IT Programming is not in synch with the Person-in-Environment decision-making of residents.  Maybe they’ll fix it.
    • As of 20210323, it has been fixed – now you can do individual picks from 3 locations