SAS University Edition – updating and verifying license


I had installed the SAS University Edition a while back, within a VirtualBox VM, on my Mac.  Didn’t play with it too much, but knew that I needed to install an upgrade at some point in order to maintain the license.

Upgrading (and extending license)

The key is to upgrade before July 31, so that it not only gives you the current edition, but it also installs a license key for another year.  There was one year where I had missed the deadline, and needed to do a fresh install to create the new license key.

Accept the Terms and Conditions, renew your license, and open SAS Studio.

I was able to go into the VM, load SAS University, click on upgrade, do the installation, and didn’t get anything about stuff being expired.  The response then was, “SAS University Edition is up-to-date”.

Verifying license

This is overkill, but I would like to now know what version of SAS University Edition I have, to confirm that it did actually extend the license, and to what expiration date.  There wasn’t anything really obvious within the application, so I found this command line to enter within SAS editor window:

proc setinit; run;

When I entered that it came back with:

Original site validation data
Current version: 9.04.01M6P110718
Site name: ‘UNIVERSITY EDITION 2.8 9.4 M6’.
Site number: 70245736.
CPU A: Model name=” model number=” serial=’+2′.
Expiration: 16JUN2020.
Grace Period: 0 days (ending 16JUN2020).
Warning Period: 47 days (ending 02AUG2020).
System birthday: 14NOV2018.
Operating System: LIN X64 .
Product expiration dates:
—Base SAS Software 16JUN2020 (CPU A)
—SAS/ETS 16JUN2020 (CPU A)
—SAS/IML 16JUN2020 (CPU A)
—SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files 16JUN2020 (CPU A)
—SAS/IML Studio 16JUN2020 (CPU A)
—SAS Workspace Server for Local Access 16JUN2020 (CPU A)
—SAS Workspace Server for Enterprise Access 16JUN2020 (CPU A)
—High Performance Suite
Looks like I’m good (with current version) through June 16th, 2020 with a grace period toward August 2nd, 2020.


Now that I know I’m upgrade, licensed, and good to go — I have to work more with SQL.

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