SAS University Edition – troubleshooting shutdown issue (Resolved)

Desired Outcome:

Resolve issue when I shutdown from within SAS, Where I get this error:

HTTP Status 500 – Internal Server Error

Java.lang.ClassFormatError: Truncated class file

java.lang.ClassFormatError: Truncated class file

-I checked various boards and the resolution appears to be to download 
from SAS the latest version; delete the current instance in VirtualBox; 
and create a new instance.  I'll preserve the /myfolders directory on Mac,
so I shouldn't lose anything.  

-Maybe it was because I had done a save vs an ACPI shutdown recently.  
-VirtualBox was upgraded to 5.2.30
-Following these instructions from SAS.  I want to create a Linux instance.
-The new file from SAS is a bit bigger than prior - at 2.52GB, so I 
deleted the prior file
-Deleted current instance in VirtualBox
-When you remove an instance it asks if you want to delete the files 
containing the virtual machine from your hard disk as well.  I'm 
thinking to just "remove only" and keep everything else as is.  
-Import the appliance - pointing to new file I downloaded
-Got this error - Failed to import appliance <new filename>.  And SAS
University Edition.vbox already exists.  
Note: I probably should have said "Yes" to deleting those other files
-Manually found and deleted "SAS University Edition.vbox"
-Note: There's also SAS_University_Edition_1.vmdk, but not sure if I should 
delete yet.
-Looks like I also have to delete the .vmdk file as well.  The installer
is balking at this install. Deleted the file.
Note: Good thing is that I now know where the logs are kept for SAS VM
-Now it's saying it can't work because a UUID file already exists.  
-A post in SAS says, of course, I should have deleted all files.
-I manually deleted all files in the folder
-I also clicked on "Reinintalize the MAC address of all network cards.
Not sure if that makes a difference.  
-Same issue.  Deleted the folder "SAS University Edition" within VirtualBox VMs"
-That appeared to work.  Installation complete.  Now running the VM
-SAS is saying the files are up-to-date, but there's a message about not
having a shared folder.  I was getting ahead of the installation, because
you set the "/myfolders" within the VirtualBox VM.  I'll be pointing to 
existing folders
-Did an ACPI shutdown to close the VM, so I can set the myfolders
-Configured in VirtualBox for the shared folder to be mounted
-Ran the VM again
-So far so good -- sees my old files I had saved.
-Ran a program - OK
-Ran this to confirm expiration of license (about year from now)
proc setinit; run;
Looks good
-Signed off within SAS and received message "Your SAS Studio session and SAS session have ended. "
This is good and expected.  I'm resolved now.
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