Problems for veterans

A possible scenario:

Veteran is discharged from military service and finds themselves back in the United States.  Challenge could be one or more of the following:

  • Homeless with housing not affordable
  • Housed but soon to be homeless
  • Lease violations leading to eviction
  • Medical attention needed
  • Mental healthcare attention needed
  • Trauma: PTSD
  • Maturity affecting independent living
  • Co-dependency with other veterans (housed/homeless)
  • Substance abuse challenges
  • Relax and Stress Management
  • Dental/Vision attention needed
  • Physical Disability (TBI, missing limbs)
  • Other health problems
  • Income needed (possibly to get out of poverty) – find gainful employment
  • Financial Management assistance required
  • Legal problems
  • Case management/representation/advocacy needed/backlog


Note: Some of these ideas came from this website

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