COVID-19 – Info on vaccinations

As of 20210212, there are two approved vaccines – Moderna and Pfizer.

To be most effective, both requires two doses.  Second dose of Moderna, after 28 days.  Second dose of Pfizer, after 21 days.

Vaccinations are most resilient 14 days after the second dose.

Inventory of the vaccinations assume that residents will get their second dose at the same location of first dose.  Exceptions will be made, but you would need to prove hardship by not being able to go back to location of first dose.

It’s OK if there is a longer separation of time between 1st dose and 2nd dose — even up to 6 weeks.  No need to start course over again.

Do not make an appointment prematurely for the second dose, because will be turned away.

In San Luis Obispo County, as of 20210212, Cuesta College will now be for 1st Dose (Pfizer) and the second dose (Moderna) will be at Arroyo Grande and Paso Robles.  Of course, this could change at anytime.

As of 20210212, according to California Health Dept, SLO County has done 36,000 doses, which is approx 18% of our total population.

The number for calling in to make appointment is (805) 543-2444 (open from 8AM to 5PM), but the online method is preferred —

In my case, I got the Moderna vaccine (via 1A Social Worker).  Only symptom of Dose1 was sore arm for a day or so and some tiredness first day.  After Dose2, it was less about sore arm and more a flu-like symptom – temperature of 99.9 on the day after in evening, and then a slight headache.  By the morning of, 2 days later, all was good.

Having a side effect after the vaccine (especially the second dose) is a good sigh.  It demonstrates the vaccine is working and the body is developing an immune response.

The 15 minute observation window after receiving the vaccine is important, just in case there is anaphylaxis.  This is a severe allergic reaction that, for most part, people would know if they are susceptible to.

This article is useful for some Facts and Myths

Even though we have the vaccine, and have been vaccinated, we still need to vigilant.

This site – Race Counts – is informative with how each county is doing within California, considering race, etc.


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