CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) funding 2017

Note: This site explains CHIP in detail:

Note: Good summary of the appropriations extension and strategy:

Q: What is CHIP?

A: The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) helps states extend coverage to nearly 9 million uninsured kids.

Q: Which Department is CHIP within?

Q: What happened on various dates?

A: Funding lapsed and expired on Sept 30th, 2017

A: Patch/Special Rule (Continuing Resolution) applied by Congress on Dec 7th and signed Dec 8th, which was part of an appropriation extension.  The House voted yea on: H J RES 123 (115th).  The Senate followed same day without change.  Kamala Harris voted nay.

Q: What was outcome?

A: Gave more money to 20 states and a shortfall in 2018.  Problem is that Congress didn’t add money to the $2.9B block grant program.

A: If not resolved then 1.9M kids affected in Jan and an additional 1M in Feb

A: States are given block grants from the Federal Govt and have about 2 year to spend.  Unspent funds go back into a redistribution pool.

Q: What other areas are politically included within the appropriations extension that included CHIP?

A: DACA (by Democrats); Pentagon funding increase (by Republicans); Dollar-for-Dollar match of defense spending vs non-defense spending (by Democrats); fund veterans and fight against opioids (Democrats).

Q: Why was this (CHIP allocation) allowed to occur?

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