Viewing data in MS-Excel

Note: This is just basic viewing data in Excel.

After exporting from BSCC, and opening in Excel, I had to delete the first row, so it’s just the fieldnames within column.  Also had to save as Excel Workbook

To turn on basic sorting/filtering functions, I clicked on the filter icon (looks like a funnel).  This creates down-arrows that you can click on, to sort info within column.

Create a pivot table by:

-Selecting all data (clicking in top left by A1

-Insert, Pivot Tables

-Select cells (left as default)

-New worksheet (default)

-As this is a basic test, I’m going to pick these fields:

Year (Note: Will not place in Excel Pivot table for now)

Month (1 – 12).  Note: The data is a number for the month.

(ADP Totals) Jurisdiction

Mental Health Cases opened last day of the month

New Mental Health Cases opened during this month

Sum of Physician/Practitioner occurrences during this month

-In the Pivot Table:

Month – placed into rows

All other variables (for now), placed in Values