Community Corrections Partnership (CCP)

The Public Safety Realignment legislation (AB 109) required that each county’s Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) develop an AB 109 implementation plan. As of October 1, 2011, the implementation of the AB 109 plan is coordinated through the Countywide Criminal Justice Coordination Committee’s (CCJCC) Public Safety Realignment Team (PSRT), which was created by the Board of Supervisors in February 2011 to report and advise the Board on public safety realignment matters.

This is the site for the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP) within San Luis Obispo County.

It is our common mission to protect community safety. Our ability to make progress toward this goal requires collaboration and partnership with all of the components of the adult criminal justice system, education, social services; substance abuse, mental health, and community-based services in San Luis Obispo County. Based on our common goal, we have formed the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP).

While the desire to convene this partnership committee is long standing, the formation of the CCP was prompted by the passage of Senate Bill 678; The California Community Corrections Performance Incentive Act of 2009. This bill requires that each county that receives funding under the act convene a local Community Corrections Partnership. Moreover, the bill requires that the partnership is chaired by the Chief Probation Officer and includes: The Presiding Judge of the Superior Court; the County CAO; the District Attorney; the Public Defender; the Sheriff; a Police Chief; the county heads of: Department of Social Service; County Mental Health; Alcohol and Drug services; employment; County Office of Education; and a representative from a community-based organization.

Note: The CCP, as it focuses on Recidivism, is key to Stepping Up Initiative success.