Viewing data in Tableau

Note: This is just basic viewing for now, and viewing same data as in Excel (Viewing data in Excel).

Focusing on these variables for now:


(ADP Totals) Jurisdiction

Mental Health Cases opened last day of the month

New Mental Health Cases opened during this month

Sum of Physician/Practitioner occurrences during this month


In Tableau, when opening the MS-Excel Workbook, I have to specify which worksheet, because I have two (the data I originally exported and the pivot worksheet I was working with). I chose the one with the full data export.

At bottom of screen either select Data Source or Sheet1

-Data Source looks like a spreadsheet, and is good for a basic verification

-Sheet1 is the classic Tableau presentation of the data.  Note: Tableau is very busy and comprehensive, so will be taking this step-by-step.  On the left side, are fields grouped by Dimensions or Measures – I’ll learn more on that later.  On the right side are the various graphs you can work with.  Conceptually, it’s the same idea as within MS-Excel – drag and drop fields into specific parts of the working screen in the middle.  Here goes…

Month – Because the variable is a number, Tableau thinks it’s a calculable field.