Reversing Extreme Economic Inequality (Grand Challenge)

This is the link to the Grand Challenge – Reversing Extreme Economic Inequality

We need to identify a new social contract with social innovations that increase income at bottom of society

We need to improve strategies for social and economic development, as we address injustice and reform  policy

-Increase earning from low-skilled jobs (raise minimum wage)

-Make part-time, shift, and variable work more humane

-Expand the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit)

-Expand active employment creation

-Strengthen unemployment insurance

-Stop privileging income from capital over income from labor in the tax system

-Redeploy wealth-building subsidies in retirement

-Redeploy wealth-building subsidies for shelter

-Create a new lifelong policy of inclusive and progressive wealth building

-Reduce the role of income and wealth in building human capital

Key Issue:

-Misguided public policies have fostered inequality.  Partial remedies lies in design and implementation of more positive policies

-Will require advances in policy design and changes in public will.

-There is a need to craft and execute political changes within legislative system that is too often beholden to interests of the wealthy

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