Preparing for Fall 2017 Semester

Many things going on right now.  Registration complete; relocated to SLO County; internship starts next week; decision made to integrate my Hypnotherapy research and findings within this site.

My GTD Practice will be put to the test as I blend a myriad of Projects, Actions, and responsibilities together.

Last semester was introduced to EBP (Evidence Based Practice) — Motivational Interviewing, Problem Solving Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  All of these tools will (even though I’m not clinically practicing) really help the cognitive portion of my Hypnotherapy practice with clients.

Looking to improve management of various activities by integrating technical tools (eg Mendeley for reading research material, annotations and references).

Of course, my goal is to improve the look and usability of this site — and that will happen over time.  I’m also interested in dabbling back into digital photography – who knows where that could lead within this site.

Officially now part of the Macro Concentration for the MSW program.  That means that the breakout discussion within the Internship classes, for me, will focus on macro-specific areas.  Interested in going deep into learning about EAP’s, Health Care (ACA), etc.

Interested in finding where the practice of Hypnotherapy can help with the practice of Macro-focused Social Work.  The conversation of mindfulness kept coming up last semester, and is predominantly a cognitive activity.  Hypnotherapy is a natural extension of mindfulness, and works on a deeper (subconscious) level, with permission and positive suggestions from the client.

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