Month: February 2019

Light day.  Focus on cognitive dissonance between ideal outcome (vision) and current action.

665 class today.  Need to review Logic Models for 665-2. Need to a thorough GTD Weekly Review on various projects for MSW: -664 assignments -665 assignments -Resume -Tableau learning (including SAS, SQL, Python, etc)

Reading. Catch-up. Focusing on projects with baked-in resistance factors. Got some early notice for upcoming graduation events.

664 class was good.  Focusing on various upcoming assignments for 664 and 665. Need to schedule time to work through ESRI GIS course and SAS University Courses. Did the Universum review.

Graduation is May 10th, and there are 89 days to go. -Going through my various lists and cleaning things up, and aligning with Horizons of Focus. -Came across interesting article in Flight Training magazine.  Idea, for enhanced learning, is to Read more…